APOC Sensor

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This is exactly the same sensor as in the APOC Pro, but without a microcontroller, screen, speaker, buttons or case. This is perfect for radiation data collection with a Microcontroller like the Arduino. Perfect as a sensor for robots, UAVs, rockets or near space balloons! We will release source code and demos for the Arduino Uno, Parallax Propeller and Raspberry Pi and is easy to connect to others. It produces a pulse on the signal wire when a Gamma or X-ray event is observed (perfect for the interrupt pins of the Arduino).

  • Comes assembled and calibrated (has no case)
  • Has an Led indicator which flashes when it detects a Gamma particle (helpful for debugging) which can be disconnected to save power
  • Requires 9-12V to run (ideally 9 volts)
  • Currently draws 2.4 mA @ 9V
  • Some soldering is required depending on desired wiring
  • Comes with pin headers (unsoldered), jumper wires, PWM connector wires and an audio cable for connecting to computers through a sound card
  • Technical specs are otherwise the same as the APOC Pro