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The APOC Pro is an advanced open source Gamma particle and X-ray radiation detector that will help you learn about radiation and find out how much radiation you are exposed to.

Compact, portable design.

The APOC is designed so that you can take it with you, whether on a hiking trip, around your house, or to a classroom!

Collects data that you can share!

The Apoc Pro can log data onto a micro SD card as a human readable counts per second file. Which can later be analyzed by a web app that we wrote. Using location data from your web browser it can even display radiation amounts in given locations (with your permission of course).

It has a screen that displays counts per minute and uSv/hr (radiation absorbed dose). It also uses buttons to navigate menus and manipulate and save settings such as:

  • Back-light brightness
  • Screen contrast
  • Audio indicator (clicking) on/off
  • Led indicator (flashing) on/off
  • SD card data saving options (what time and day the readings start)
  • Battery life indicator
  • Taking measurements for specific increments of time
  • and more as we add features


  • Comes with a USB Programmer (FTDI to UBS mini B) but requires a USB A to USB mini B cable (common for digital cameras) if you wish to reprogram your APOC Pro
  • Requires a 9V battery and a micro SD if you plan to log and analyze the data latter (use a dosimeter)
  • Battery life from an alkaline 9V battery is 50 hours and 100 hours from a lithium 9V. Can be used with 8.4V-9V rechargeable batteries (not recommended with the 7.2V kind). Currently draws 12mA @ 9V.
  • Energy detecting range: 50KEv – 2000 Kev
  • Max Count rate: 5,000 counts per second
  • Detector efficiency: 5% with Cs-137 (660 KeV), 15% with Co-60 (1.1-1.2 MeV), 0.05% for Cd-109 (88KeV)