APOC Basic to Pro conversion kit

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There are currently around 1,000 APOC Basic units in the world, whether as kits or units assembled by us. They have been sold since the last Kickstarter. We have not been able to make a smart phone app that can display the data, whether through Bluetooth or through an audio cable. Why should you be stuck with a device that is obsolete? Well, now you can upgraded your detector to display information and log data! The converted units will be slightly larger than the assembled APOC Pros, will not have the auto calibration feature (if we get it working), and might not be quite as sensitive (currently the same sensitivity and efficiency), but will otherwise be the same great detector!

  • Comes as a partially assembled unit with the Screen unit, microcontroller, button interface, speaker, led and a larger case.
  • Will require some basic tools like: wire cutters and small Philips head screw driver.
  • Since many of the APOC Basics were built by customers as kits, we can't guarantee that the conversions will work, due to variability in construction, but we will work with you to make it work!
  • We will avoid having these conversion kits require soldering
  • A standard 9V battery is required just like the APOC Basic