Who We Are

We take our knowledge gained from the aerospace sector to improve people's daily lives. By incorporating sometimes provocative technologies into consumer products we offer a new approach that gives surprising results. We build everything from sensors to robotic automation systems, with the end goal of improving lives and getting regular people closer to space. By blending together many innovative and often overlooked technologies such as pulsejet engines and ramjet engines to boost rockets into the upper atmosphere and switching to a full rocket propulsion system at that point, and deployable gliders controlled with GPS to guide rockets and their payloads safely back to a specified location on the ground for an extremely inexpensive and surprisingly effective way to access space, or at the very least, a method of very high speed transportation of people and goods.

We are a non-traditional team with a shared interest in inventing unusual things with an emphasis on robotics and space flight. Our technologies will allow people to rethink the advancement of the "Space Age" and how people look at accessibility and the possible widespread and affordable use of space transportation.

Matt Chapman: AeroSplice Founder, Product Designer, Inventor, Electrical, Mechanical, Software and Aerospace Engineer. A space travel junkie and a house cat trainer.
Marshall Meng: Designer, Electrical and Software Engineer. Full stack web developer.